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18 Jun 2011 Target

Last year Ava was on an extremely fun shoot for a 2011 Target in-store campaign! Spending time with a friend she got to play outside, run around and cool off from the heat in a very fun way! Ava and her friend not only got to play in the sprinkler's, and have a water gun fight but...Ava got a bucket of water and dumped it all over her friend! So much fun for Ava and the boy at the shoot with her!! Ava's Target shoot has been seen in-store recently, and we are very happy to have an image of the poster used as well as two of the shoot photos taken by the amazing Dani Brubaker. Thank-you Dani for such a very fun day at the shoot!

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11 May 2011 Happy Birthday Ava!!!

Today is a very special day for one very special girl. A day where its her own day, a day to be the center of attention amongst family and friends, receive lots of wonderful wishes, and also get some fun and cool presents. As well, cannot forget some nice yummy cake topped off with candles to make a super big wish on before blowing them out. Today is Ava's 7th birthday, Happy Birthday Ava!!! Hope you have afantastic and fun-filled day with everyone you love. Being 6 was so much fun and being 7 now is totally going to rock! To celebrate we have this wonderful banner below made by our amazing friend Sarah. Happy Birthday Ava!!!

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17 Apr 2011 Tralala!!!

Earlier this year, a couple images of Ava modeling the spring line for Tralala began to surface. Ava had a blast sitting in the driver's seat of a fairly older car, and the photos simply turned out stunning! We are very excited to say that several more images have now begun to surface and can now be found in the gallery!! Ava can now be seen modeling four different outfits, and like the previous images, the new ones are amazing!! Ava totally rocked this shoot! Also love the bright colors and patterns of the clothing!! So fun for spring!

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