Name: Ava Sydney Rodgers
D.O.B: May 11th, 2004
Haircolor: Brown
Eyecolor: Brown
Height: 45"
Size: 5
Kids Shoe: 12.5


Ava has a smile that will light a room. Her hair is an amazing array of corkscrew curls that beautifully frame her sweet face. She is precocious, clever and very quick on the uptake.

Ava was given “Sydney”, her middle name, after her maternal grandfather, our favorite person, an amazing man. So, she has a great start in life. We adore our little girl, sandwiched between her older brother, Caden, and her younger brother Payton (, all 2 years apart.

Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She is a chameleon, as all girl, fancy, dress-up - Abba’s Dancing Queen with the girlies and rough and tumble, will outrun, out score and outsmart all the boys.

Ava loves acting and modeling because she can express her creativity and bask in all of her alter-egos as Disney princess, fashionista, sports star, and play many characters. She loves sleepovers with her girlfriends, dances with her dad and pasta lunch and manicures with mom. Everyone loves our energetic, charming, sweet Ava.

Writtin by Mrs.Rodgers