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04 Nov 2011 Nordstrom

The holiday season is just around the corner and Nordstrom has been getting ready with all the warm and fun new items that they will be offering. Not too long ago Ava shot a series of images for the company and they have now been released!!! Ava can currently be spotted in their November catalog modeling a warm comfy sweater, and you can also see an image of her and two of her friends a few pages down! The girls had such a great time shooting together! That's not all though! Ava can also be spotted on the company's website! The page for the sweater she is wearing also features her image and it is stunning! Ava has grown up so much this year and this photo says it all. It is definitely one of my favorites!

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28 Oct 2011 Djäknemåla

Ava had an exciting time working with her friends for the Djäknemåla spring campaign. Lots of laughs, jumping around and every shoot with the wonderful Gretchen Easton is a blast!! Djäouknemåla has just released a behind the scenes video from Ava's shoot, and you can see her laughing away as she jumps high up in the air and lands back on the ground. You can check the video out below, warning though...you'll be smiling and laughing before its over!

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19 Oct 2011 Djäknemåla

While winter may be just around the corner, some companies are already jumping ahead and getting ready for spring! The European company Djäknemåla has recently released their spring line and Ava is featured both on their website and in their lookbook! She can be spotted showing off some gymnastic type moves as she shows how far she can stretch her leg into the air! The images make me wish we could just skip right onto spring, great job Ava!

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