Welcome to Ava's Official Website! :: 19 May 2010 :: posted by Sophie

Welcome to Ava Sydney Rodger's Official Website! Please feel free to look around & learn more about this talented little girl. We have a Guestbook, so please feel free to leave us a message or ask any questions. I am sure Ava's family would love to hear from you. For our first bit of news Ava's Target Swimwear ad has recently been released. Ava has also worked for Target twice more since then and pictures from the should be surfacing soon. She also shot for Disguise Costumes and Kohls, we will let you know when we have the pictures.A little while ago photographer JoSon did a photoshoot with Ava and her brothers. We now have the pictures from this shoot which are just beautiful. Please visit the gallery to view them:

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