Boden :: 13 Oct 2011 :: posted by lisa

Ava had a fantastic time at her shoots for both Boden and Mini Boden earlier this year. It was so much fun for her to get to see the images from those fun days being used in both the catalog and website! For her Boden shoot, Ava got to work with a pretend mom, and new friend her age, that little girl's pretend mother, and they had a blast!! Four images have just surfaced including three we've never seen before! Very exciting! Ava can be seen laying in the grass surrounded by many colorful sticks, walking up the pathway with her hula hoop, and one of my favorite images...laughing as she gives her 'mom' a hug! Can't forget the shoot image from a banner seen on the website where Ava and her new friend got to hold up the blue ribbons they just won! Make sure to head to the gallery to see all the brand new images!

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