Spirit Magazine :: 03 Apr 2012 :: posted by lisa

Buckle up this is about to be a playful flight with Southwest Airlines! If you happen to be flying with Southwest Airlines this month make sure to pick up a copy of their magazine called Spirit because not only will you see Ava featured inside....you'll also see her on the cover! Ava had a very exciting shoot with the fantastic Don Diaz and several of her friends for the April issue which takes a look at play. Playing is definitely at the top of Ava's to do list each day and getting to run about having fun with her friends for work...it doesn't get any better than that. She and her friends got to be creative playing with a couple of cardboard boxes and I love the photo of her and her friend laughing and giggling as they've climbed inside it! One of Ava's favorite parts was getting to do a game of limbo with her friends, and the image from that part of the day used in the article features Ava front and center, how cool is that! Thank-you Don for such a fabulous and adventurous day!

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