Happy Birthday Ava!! :: 11 May 2012 :: posted by lisa

As the sun rises on the west coast Ava will be getting up ready for the big day ahead. Excited to see her family and friends, and be the spotlight for the day as everyone comes to her giving her well wishes and maybe even singing her a special song! That's right, today is Ava's birthday! Happy Birthday Ava! It's her special fun filled day of activities, time with those she loves and cannot forget the cake and presents, they sure are exciting too! Ava, I hope you have a fabulous birthday with your family and friends, doing some of your favorite activities, and I hope that all your birthday wishes come true today, make sure to make a big wish as you blow out the candles on your cake! This new year for you is going to bring lots of amazing opportunities for you, you're going to have a blast! Happy Birthday Ava!

(Thanks Sarah for the banner!)

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