Disney, Target, Tralala And More! :: 01 Jan 2011 :: posted by lisa

Its the first day of 2011, how exciting!!!! 2010 went by so quickly, and now we have a whole new year to see what happens for Miss Ava!!! What better way to start off a new year than by....getting to view the last few projects that ended off 2010 for our favorite lil model! One of the latest Disney DVD's out of the vault is the classic Beauty and the Beast, and guess who is modeling the costume for Belle during this time...yes, its Ava!!! Ava sure had a lot of fun with this shoot, what little girl wouldn't with a gorgeous gown, cute shoes, and a wand and tiara to top it off! Great job Ava! That's not all! Ava has also been recently seen in advertisements for Target!! She shot a campaign for their maternity wear section, and also got to shoot a holiday campaign with her brother Payton!! It must have been very exciting for Ava to get to work with her little brother, and loads of fun for mom! To end off 2010 and also kick off 2011.....Ava can be seen for Tralala in their spring line! The best part is...we've already got a couple images! One was even used on the cover of Child Style! That's because Ava was their grand prize winner for November, way to go Ava!!

The fun doesn't stop here! Not only did Ava shoot for Target's Maternity Wear department....she also was featured in a short video introducing customers to the company's clothing section for expectant mothers! Even better...we have a copy that you can view right here in the update:
Last but not least, we've already got some very fantastic things to look forward to this year! Ava has shot for Tommy Hilfiger, Mini Boden/Boden, and....Target!! We hope everyone had a fantastic New Years and best wishes for 2011!

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